Photography has literally changed my life and the way I see and feel the world! Beauty is indeed everywhere...in the visible and 'invisible' worlds! It's in the details of a flower, in the geometry of a tree, in the gradient colours of a sunset, in the flow of waterfalls, in the eyes of an insect, in the clouds formation, etc... Ever since I started with photography, I have developed a new level of respect, admiration and love towards Mother Nature! All the intricate patterns, ratios, colours,...a magnificent 'grand design'...and without a doubt, a true display of 'something' much, much bigger than us! This website aims to share this design with you. I hope you enjoy it. 

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Henrique Dib is a multi-award winning composer, musician, producer, educator, and most recently, a photography enthusiast. His passion for music, composition, improvisation, and now... photography,  goes beyond explanation. 

He graduated in 2009 from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music with an Honours First-Class Degree in composition and the University of Sydney Medal. During his studies, Henrique received an unprecedented number of composition scholarships, 14 in total, including USYD's International Merit Scholarship for 5 consecutive years. He was also included in the Dean's list of excellence in academic performance and received an invitation to join the Golden Key International Honours Society.

As a composer, Henrique writes music for all forms of screen media and concert music. His works have been performed and broadcasted in several countries including Australia, Sweden, Germany, Italy, China, France, Finland and Brazil. Some of his clients include Telstra, Kia Motors, Foxtel, Unicef, OPSM, Singapore Tourism and the Australian Government to name a few. His list of awards and nominations include APRA Screen Music Awards, APRA Tropscore, APRA Professional Development Awards, New York Annual Awards, London International Film Awards, OZFLIX Film Awards, and the ASA National Songwriting Awards. As a musician, he is a trained classical & jazz pianist but he also plays the piano accordion, the handpan and a few other instruments. He performs regularly as a freelancer musician in bands as well as a solo artist both in Australia and overseas. As an educator, Henrique has over 20 years of experience in teaching jazz piano, composition, music production, music theory, music technology and improvisation. He teaches both online and at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music (USYD).
In 2017, in search of new challenges, he started a new project called ‘WavebeatsMusic', an online production music brand/label dedicated to providing original music to video creators and production houses around the globe. Since then, this project has grown exponentially reaching 13K+ music licenses sold in over 162 countries worldwide, has stablished a strong online presence with 37K+ subscribers and 10M+ Youtube views, and has become Henrique's main line of work today.

In 2020, as a way to share his love for the handpan with others, Henrique started yet another project called 'HandpanBlueMountains' where he provides live handpan music to venues and events across Australia's Blue Mountains region. This project is quite personal to him as he finds the handpan a unique instrument capable of helping him in his own journey towards spiritual growth with a deeper connection with nature, animals, sustainability, veganism, minimalism and meditation. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

Also in 2020, Henrique 'discovered' his newest passion, photography. Thus the reason why he decided to create this website and start his new project called 'HenriqueDibPhotography'.
Henrique lives in the beautiful Blue Mountains region, Australia, with his wife and their little cavoodle dog named 'Phoebe'. He enjoys gardening, bush walks, bike rides, astronomy and most recently became a photography enthusiast in landscape, nature and macro photography. He also holds a degree in civil engineering but never really worked as an engineer due to his passion for music. 

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